The Basadur CPS Profile Team Builder Kit

Understand the dynamics & value of people on your team so they work together more efficiently, innovatively and enjoyably!

In response to continuous demand, we have developed the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) Team Builder Kit, an excellent way for leaders to teach their teams about the creative process, and help teams respect and synchronize different thinking and problem solving orientations of fellow members.

Participants fill out the Basadur CPSP Inventory online and receive their scored and plotted Profile in about 5 minutes. They can print their results immediately, and their results are securely stored in our database and can be recalled at any time. The individual knowledge they gain from completing the Basadur CPSP is just the start!

You, the leader of the team building event, will be able to provide an experiential learning experience to help your team to tap resources in all four styles to help the team or organization cycle smoothly through the complete innovation process of finding good problems to solve, developing solutions to those problems, and implementing the solutions. In addition, you will be able to help your team to capitalize on any individual's preferred orientation, thus making his or her work more satisfying. It may also point out development opportunities, because although a person has a preferred orientation it is possible to increase skills in all four stages of the creative process by training or coaching.

Team Scatter Diagrams

What does my team look like?


The Team Builder kit is available for team leaders wanting to teach their teams about the Simplexity Thinking creative process and help teams appreciate and synchronize different thinking and problem solving orientations of fellow members.

Just click the ‘Get Started’ button above and set up a master/administrator account for your team or organization and purchase enough slots that you think you will need. Additional slots are easily purchased when and if needed and you can create as many different teams as you have slots available in your account. With each team created, the site will send you an email with instructions and unique link to email to your participants. Each person must register and create his/her own personal username and password. As the administrator, you can withhold a person’s results until the session or give people immediate access to their profile – it is totally your preference.

The Team Builder Kit contains the following:

  1. An Instructor's Guide to help debrief the participants and lead a classroom or group discussion after they have received their results.
  2. A set of PowerPoint slides that can be used to debrief participants in a facilitated session.


The cost for this Team builder Kit is a fee of $250. plus a per participant cost of $15. This fee can be applied toward the regular registration fee of $500.* to attend the next Basadur Profile Certification Workshop. **

All orders to be prepaid. HST is extra for Canadian residents.

The Basadur Profile has been used for over 20 years to help people understand, respect and work better with others. This is your opportunity to use it to help your team too! To order or find out more please contact our office at or by phone (905) 690-4903.